The Devil’s Blood!

The alien abduction of Amy Ryland and the demonic possession of Michael Taylor for the first episode of Scared to Death! Where is Amy Ryland? She hasn’t been seen since shortly after reportedly being abducted from Gundiah, Australia, in 2001. And where is Michael Taylor? He for sure brutally killed his wife in England in 1974. And then he was imprisoned in mental health facilities for just four years and released. Did demons trick him into murdering the mother of his children? Is he still possessed today? Let’s get spooky. If you like this show, let us know! Please rate, review, and subscribe anywhere you listen. Thank you! Follow the show on social media: @scaredtodeathpodcast on Facebook and IG

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Video/Audio by Bad Magic Productions
Additional music production by Jeffrey Montoya
Additional music production by Zach Cohen
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