“Each murder victim had been killed the same way, with a single and a powerful blow with the mattock to the head.”

A quote from today’s second tale – the Hinterkaifeck Farm family mass-murder mystery of 1922. Did something or someone hide in the Hinterkaifeck family’s attic for roughly six months before killing the five members of the Hinterkaifeck family living there and their new maid with a German pickaxe? Our first tale is the story of numerous active spirits that may haunt Madison, Mississippi’s gothic chapel, The Chapel of the Cross, to this day. Which story scares you/creeps you out the most? How can we improve this new show and make it even scarier? Let us know! We’re not doing our job right if you don’t have nightmares or at least get the chills. Please rate, review, and subscribe anywhere you listen. And follow the show on social media: @scaredtodeathpodcast on Facebook and IG Thank you!

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