Making New “Friends”

Meanwhile, Robbie continued to use his Ouija board, a board he now hid from his family, to talk to his aunt Harriet and her new “friends.

A quote from today’s second tale – the exorcism of Robbie Mannheim aka Roland Doe (his real name remains hidden), the story that inspired the infamous 1973 horror film, “The Exorcist.” A fourteen-year-old used his Ouija board to try and contact his deceased and beloved aunt after her death in 1949. And he did seem to contact “something.” What was it? Our first tale involves a Portuguese encounter with a red-eyed shadow person. What did Daniel Pestana witness late one night in Libson? Which story scares you out the most? How can we improve this new show and make it even scarier? Let us know! We’re not doing our job right if you don’t have nightmares or at least get the chills. Please rate, review, and subscribe anywhere you listen. And follow the show on social media: @scaredtodeathpodcast on Facebook and IG Thank you!

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