The Unknown

“Opening my eyes, I saw the same man, this time wearing a strange grin. His teeth were white enough to see in the dark… I started shaking.”

A quote from today’s first story. Our first tale – a collection of supposed sightings – is about a creature known as “The Grinning Man.” What is it and what does it want? Our second story is about an entity known mostly as “The Elemental.” Some believe it haunts the grounds of Ireland’s “Leap Castle”, and may be tied somehow to this old castle’s very bloody history.

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Opening Sumerian protection spell (adapted):
Whether thou art a ghost that hath come from the earth, or a phantom of night that hath no home… or one that lieth dead in the desert… or a ghost unburied… or a demon or a ghoul… Whatever thou be until thou art removed… thou shalt find here no water to drink… Thou shalt not stretch forth thy hand to our own… Into our house enter thou not. Through our fence, breakthrough thou not… we are protected though we may be frightened. Our life you may not steal, though we may feel SCARED TO DEATH.”

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