TW: Lynze’s story contains details of the death of a child.

“Rob couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw a scruffy, human like shape coming up through the ground.He felt a wave of fear engross him as he saw what he assumed was a literal zombie – an undead corpse – climbing up through a hole at the back of the mausoleum. “

There is a reason why cemeteries are so scary. The are home to the dead. What would you do if you saw someone crawling out of a grave? Find out who is back from the dead in Dan’s first tale.

Dan shares a terrifying tale that will remind you that if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Jenna needed money and was desperate. When she has the opportunity to make $2,000 in one night for simply house sitting, she jumps at the opportunity. Unfortunately, Jenna is in for a very dark night.

Lynze has just one tale for us this week. It’s a long and very scary tale. The Cave City of Balochistan is home to an urban legend. Supposedly, a man tried to exorcise his young daughter who was plagued by horrors of the night. He was unable to save her and now her spirit haunts the caves of Balochistan. When 3 friends go on a mission, only 2 come back. What happened?

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Opening Sumerian protection spell (adapted):
Whether thou art a ghost that hath come from the earth, or a phantom of night that hath no home… or one that lieth dead in the desert… or a ghost unburied… or a demon or a ghoul… Whatever thou be until thou art removed… thou shalt find here no water to drink… Thou shalt not stretch forth thy hand to our own… Into our house enter thou not. Through our fence, breakthrough thou not… we are protected though we may be frightened. Our life you may not steal, though we may feel SCARED TO DEATH.”

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