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The Girl On The Second Floor

Dan's tales today takes us to Arkansas, to the grounds of a former treatment facility for tuberculosis, a disease that ran rampant in the US for decades. We’ve learned that hospitals and asylums are hot beds for paranormal activity, and this Sanatorium is no different. And then, we head to Scotland and visit a haunted castle! Castle Fraser is reportedly haunted by numerous spirits. We share some history, a bit of lore, and two modern encounter claims. Lynze has two wonderfully spoopy tales this week. Her first tale about a small town where people going missing will have you wishing everyone there would GTFO. Then, she has a story about a possible alien abduction. It's weird story!

The Teeth In The Walls

Dan has his normal two stories again. And there’s a theme with them both -faith seemingly conquering evil. The first story is set in the present day - centered around a woman living alone in North Carolina in what she’d hoped was going to be her dream home. And then a real bad former resident tries to turn her dream into a nightmare. Next, we travel over a hundred years back in time and head to southern India. A prominent family is terrorized by an entity that likes to play with fire. Literally. Lynze has three stories this week. A story about a possibly haunted gravesite, a strange tale that might make you wonder if it was a ghost or a prank and then the creepiest little story about what kids can see that we cannot. 

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