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65: The Whaley House

The tales that Dan weaves this week are top notch. During story number one, we explore the idea of...

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64: La Isla de las Muñecas/Island of the Dolls

Happy Thanksgiving, Creeps and Peepers! Much thanks for all of our fans, Robert’s and Annabelle’s! On today’s show, Dan...

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63: It Feels Alive

TW: This first story is graphic in every way. For the first time in Scared To Death history, NO...

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62: The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

“Just then on the opposite side of my room, I watched this dark, smoky, human-like form crawl up my...

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61: The Nightmare Man

“They continued to hear the sounds of footsteps behind them. Getting louder. Gaining on them. Their only source of...

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60: Poveglia Island Haunting

“She tried to turn to follow him but she couldn’t. She was tied down. She couldn’t move. She could...

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