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92: Mr. Fun

“Take my hand, Kira. You don’t want to make me mad do you? I’ve waited too long already” “Please,”...

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91: Still Screaming

“The mysterious man now noticed their headlights and turned to face them. He was hunched over, collar up, shielding...

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90: Living Dead Girl

“A strange and satisfied smile then appeared on his face and he asked, “Did you play with Masha?” He...

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89: The Monster Under The Bed

“And then soon, they went from concerned to outright scared when Kristine walked into the kitchen one day to...

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88: Scared To Death

TW: There are some pretty graphic sexual true crime details in this one if you want to skip it....

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87: “You Found It.”

“Then, as he backed up a step, he saw the top of Victor’s head crane up towards the ceiling,...

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