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49: The Attic Family

“How many more steps until it was directly behind her? Ten? Twelve? She could now see a shadow emerging...

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48: Mirrors & Monsters

“…as Angie and Jamal both screamed, their mirror images turned and walked back towards, and then into, their room…” ...

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47: The Haunted Villa Montezuma

“She eventually found herself looking at a set of stairs… down to the basement, she presumed. Then she heard...

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46: Missing Time

“She quickly realized….  something was circling her and Crina. Something that moved through the woods way faster than a...

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45: Poltergeist

“Barbara said it all began with a series of scratching noises and knocking heard coming from inside the walls.“...

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44: Evil Doppelgängers

“I whipped around and saw that my mother – my REAL mother – had just walked in the house....

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