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78: The School of Shadows

“She’d later tell investigators, who were still trying to catch Phillip’s killer, that she was hearing noises coming from...

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77: Hellmouth

“They say that under the ruins atop the former basement of an abandoned church in Stull, Kansas – there...

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76: The Watcher

The tale of The Watcher just about put Lynze over the edge. Dan told a very well documented story...

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75: Corpsewood Manor

“And I started to fall asleep. And then, when I was about half-asleep, laying on my side facing the...

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74: The Night Spirit

“Eight HUMAN skulls. I froze with fear at the sight of them. I’d never seen actual human skulls up...

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73: The House the Devil Built

“A few days later, after not seeing anyone enter or leave the house since the murders, a friend and...

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