The Howling Village


The first story Dan will be sharing takes us to the Fukuoka Prefecture of Japan  to explore lore around the urban legend of the Howling Village. And then we’ll explore the legend of the Basano vase! Did these supposedly cursed object bring death to one owner after another for two separate cycles of tragedy separated by centuries? Is it made up? Or does it lie underground again, waiting for a new owner to find it, and to start another cycle of terror? Lynze has two awesome stories this week, per usual! Her first tale explores an experience  amongst friends and an Ouija board. While we never truly know what we might be talking to on the other side this one feels like a very authentic encounter with a lost loved one. Or is it? Wrapping up the show is a haunted house, more specifically a basement, tale. Is a 6th sense something that can be passed from one generation to the next? Let’s explore! 

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Opening Sumerian protection spell (adapted):
Whether thou art a ghost that hath come from the earth, or a phantom of night that hath no home… or one that lieth dead in the desert… or a ghost unburied… or a demon or a ghoul… Whatever thou be until thou art removed… thou shalt find here no water to drink… Thou shalt not stretch forth thy hand to our own… Into our house enter thou not. Through our fence, breakthrough thou not… we are protected though we may be frightened.  Our life you may not steal, though we may feel SCARED TO DEATH.”

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