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54: Shadows, Specters, and Strigoi: the One Year Anniversary Episode!

“People who’d known Arnold in life testified over and over that they had seen him walking through the village...

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Introducing INCREDIBLE FEATS with Dan Cummins!

Hi Creeps and Peepers! I (Dan) am hosting a brand​ new​ podcast on the Parcast Network called ​INCREDIBLE FEATS....

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53: Ghost Ship

“Then, he felt the air around him get heavier and heavier until it no longer felt like air at...

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52: The Demon House

“She claimed to witness the boy walked backwards up a wall all the way to the ceiling…before flipping over...

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51: Haunted Asylum

“…the steam soon revealed a message. She could just make out the finger-scrawled words… “Why did you hurt us?”...

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50: The Amityville Horror

“Kathy wakes up with red welts that have formed a trail from just above her pubic hair to just...

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