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60: Poveglia Island Haunting

“She tried to turn to follow him but she couldn’t. She was tied down. She couldn’t move. She could...

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59: Slit-Mouthed Woman

“He ended up taking his sword to her face. He sliced open her cheeks from the corners of her...

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58: “Join Us.”

“He was in Scarlett’s room in seconds, flinging his door open before bounding down the hall and quickly popping...

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57: Pulled Under

“He thrashed against whatever was holding him, desperately trying to kick himself free. The woman in blue smiled and...

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56: Footsteps in the Dust

“Just stay upstairs,” he thought to himself. “Whatever you are, just please stay upstairs…” A quote from today’s second...

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55: The Black Door

“Chase began to walk down the hallway. His legs were heavy. He was afraid of what was behind the...

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