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84: Ernie Rivers’ Poltergeist

“One of the most intense incidents was when Ernie sat doing his schoolwork at the dining room table and...

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83: The Legend Of Moll Dyer

“She could go in there, she told herself. She could go in there and see what was happening…. Angela...

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82: Haunted From The Grave

“In 1947, three supervisors all turned up missing one afternoon. They were found unconscious and locked in a small...

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81: The Worley Hospital

“Something was moving towards them – coming from down the hall. Carlos swore he could see something back in...

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80: “Hold Him Down!”

“After having spent a night in room 314, a doctor and his wife mentioned an encounter with something paranormal...

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79: Six Tapes

“Fast forward about a year and one night… when you were just a little baby, I overheard your mom...

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