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88: Scared To Death

TW: There are some pretty graphic sexual true crime details in this one if you want to skip it....

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87: “You Found It.”

“Then, as he backed up a step, he saw the top of Victor’s head crane up towards the ceiling,...

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86: Cult of the Undead

“He crawled up on top of where she lay. He sat down on her chest and stared into her...

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85: New Orleans Cannibal

This weeks episode is EXTRA special!! Dan and Lynze recorded on the road, from one of the most haunted...

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84: Ernie Rivers’ Poltergeist

“One of the most intense incidents was when Ernie sat doing his schoolwork at the dining room table and...

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83: The Legend Of Moll Dyer

“She could go in there, she told herself. She could go in there and see what was happening…. Angela...

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