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99: The Haunted House of Lunahuaná

“And then Julian felt the temperature drop and that same cold air on his right ear. And now… something...

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98: The Legend of Danvers Asylum

Patient seemed incredibly lucid, showing no signs of psychosis. Charming, even. I asked about what she was seeing that...

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97: Found You

“And then it started cutting back and forth between channels, fast enough that sentences began to form from the...

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96: The Monster in the Mirror

“And it was like the man could sense his fear. His grin got wider, green eyes shining with an...

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95: The Widow Ghost

This episode contains themes of drug use and suicide; it is explicit in every way. Take care while listening...

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94: Erratic Behavior

“Night after night for several weeks, the sound of scratching built in frequency, intensity, and volume.Eventually it felt as...

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